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The purpose of this site is to assist you in making an informed, educated decision regarding choosing your web designer, web site promotion, web site marketing, or web design firm... be it in Seattle, or elsewhere. There are many aspects involved in producing an efficient website, many things for you to consider. I would like to offer you an open line of communication with me, and I encourage you to contact me... even if it is just to ask questions. I would like to familiarize you with my approach to professional web design, web site promotion and marketing, and to make myself available for web design projects.

My name is Jim Summer. I am a search engine optimization (SEO) & web design and development professional. I build highly usable websites that incorporate usability, functionality, search engine promotion, website optimization, and accessibility. The websites I build are for you and your users.

A little bit about me...
I have been building websites since 1999, and taught web design and development classes at Highline Community College from June 2000 - July 2004. I taught HTML, Effective Web Design, CSS, and various versions of Microsoft FrontPage. Along with Dave Roeser of the Tacoma Java Users Group, I also cofounded the now defunct WDDI Program at Highline Community College. The WDDI ran for 2 years. I was a full time web developer and SEO specialist at Artifex Business Identity Development in Tacoma, Washington from March 2001 - July 2004. In July 2004, I accepted a position as a Cold Fusion developer at Recruitmax Software in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Ponte Vedra is a beach community near Jacksonville, Florida. I relocated from Seattle to Jacksonville, and worked through various iterations of that company from 2004 - 2011, ending as lead corporate developer and SEO specialist. I moved to JP Morgan Chase in 2011, and enjoy making a huge impact as lead SEO specialist for JP Morgan Chase.

Jim and Leena Summer - SEO company in Seattle

I know a LOT about a lot of things in the web world... I leverage all of this when I approach an SEO project, and the results speak for themselves. I am very experienced in many aspects of web development such as graphic design, server side programming, database applications, marketing, and e-commerce. I am a disciple of web design principles that accommodate the user. I can design a highly usable website for you... from concept to website design to delivery and search engine promotion. I am very good at these things. I am sure your company or organization will greatly benefit from my meticulous work ethic, and from my experience as a web designer/developer, instructor, and SEO. My approach to designing a website addresses issues that I am sure many other web developers or web development firms have never even thought of considering. Again, this shows out in the SEO results.

Do you need to meet any of these requirements in your current or proposed website? I can build your website from concept to delivery, or I can search engine optimize and/or maximize the efficiency and usability of your current site. I also highly recommend another good Jacksonville Web Design studio, Oyova Software. David McGraw started Oyova a few years ago, and I worked with David personally for quite a few years... easy to work with and he runs a good shop.

»SEO Consultation
What do you want to achieve with your website? I will meet with you face to face or via phone to establish the goals of your website and map out a plan to meet those goals. I will ask you to compile a list of your competitors, and a list of key phrases that your target audience may use to search for your type of products or services. The website marketing and search engine promotion begins here. Make a note of this analogy; The simple, small store placed on a busy corner does a lot more business than the beautiful mall placed in the middle of nowhere. Always opt for what will allow users to find your web site and thus bring traffic to your site. Get over bells and whistles, opt for function over form.
»Graphic Design
Does the look of your website need an overhaul? Is your whole website one big graphic or graphic heavy? I can build you a clean, optimized interface that loads quickly, is highly useable, and is search engine friendly. The search engine optimization is determined before the site is built. Most companies do the search engine optimization as an afterthought, which is totally backwards.
Do you have the concept but need help creating a website? I am a web design instructor. I can speak with you in terms that you understand. Based on my own professional web design experience, I will suggest to you what works and try to guide you in that path! I can build your website, consult with you to help you learn how to do it yourself, or build it side-by-side with you so you can learn by watching while I explain the principles of why I do something a certain way. You win on any of these choices.
»Database Programming
Do you need to store and retrieve, or share data? I can build you a database driven web based CMS that allows you to edit your own website in real time, or to store and access secured data. This would be a password protected area that is accessible from any internet enabled device.
Do you have a product or service that you want to sell? I have built sites that incorporate e-commerce solutions provided by Bank of America, Verisign, and Couple your e-commerce with the database driven CMS and you are in business on the web. All this in a user-centric interface that enhances the user experience and encourages return shoppers.
»ADA Section 508 Accessibility
Does your site need to comply with ADA Section 508? The U.S. Federal Government has mandated what is known as Section 508 compliance. This stems from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and requires public funded or government websites to be accessible to persons with disabilities. I have been building for ADA Compliance since the year 2000. Regardless of the Federal mandate, building an accessible website is simply the right thing to do.
»Standards Compliance
Is your website built according to w3c standards? The w3c, or World Wide Web Consortium, is the semi-governing body that define how the internet is intended to work. The w3c makes recommendations to the web development community on how to code for the standards, and to software makers such as Microsoft, how their software should behave to in order to accomodate the standards. Following the standards set by the w3c broadens your potential audience and makes your site more compatible with future web browsing devices.
»Forward Compatibility
Is your website built for the 1% market share of circa 1998 browsers like Netscape 4.x, or will it work in future browsers and devices such as hand held PDA's, and cellular phones? Forward compatibility lessens the amount of code needed to create a nice looking website. It also speeds the download time of your web pages to your users, and makes your site easier to maintain.
»Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
Pretty websites are pointless if no one can find your website. I can drive traffic to your website using Natural Search Engine Placement techniques, not PPC marketing. All of these subjects I have mentioned combine to give you a fast, powerful, attractive, highly visible, user friendly website.

Truly, there is a lot to consider when building a website. I dare to guess more than you have thought about. That's where I come in as the professional website designer. I build websites with quality and usability as the driving factors.

Thank you for your time.
Jim Summer

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