Case Study for a Website Design or Re-Design

Some people think that designing a website isn’t important but in reality it is, it shows you take pride in your job and your website. So you need to put effort in making your website easy to use and dynamic. Also you need to make your website responsive, all responsive means, it can adapt to any device it is viewed on, whether it be desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with minimal resizing and minimal scrolling across the website. If you needed an agency or company to do your website or web design, you would type in to Google “web design services“. You would then need to select a respected and trusted designer or if you are going to do it yourself you need to put effort in making your website easy to use and dynamic.


Preparing Quality Content

With website design the key feature is that it needs to be easy to read but then again you need content, without good content your websites design will be bad, and you will not get any traffic, so in a way content is just as important as the colours, picture and the design itself, you need to make sure your content is original.

While thinking about your content you need to think about are the colours complementary of the header colour or the logo colour, although the content needs to be good and original, the colours and the fonts need to be engaging and eye-catching, by taking the readers or customers attention the longer you keep their attention the more likely they are to return to your website.

Unless you know about website design then you really should go to a professional web design company to create you a website, if you already have one they will improve it or just start a new one if you don’t have an existing site. Having a good logo will also contribute to the website colours and the dynamics of the website.

web design

I particularly like a website that’s attracts my attention with a logo with bright colours on a black header, with white writing on a black background or black writing on a white background. This has a really nice contrast in colours, draws my attention to the content. A successful web design in my opinion will do all of the things that I have stated above, if they miss out one of these attributes then the website will not be as successful as it could be. So take my advice and run to a web designer and ask for these on your website and watch them transform your website from a ‘could be better’ website to a ‘flawless’ website and then you can too be proud of your business. A good web designer will put their heart and soul into making your website their masterpiece.

Building on the premise that you have taken my advice and transformed your site into a engaging, responsive and dynamic website then you can expect your website to produce better results in ranking, reviews and your own positive attitude towards your website and business.

If you are intelligent you will at least consider a web design to give you a better responsive website. Do you consider yourself quite up to date with the latest trends, well its website designers jobs to be up to date on the latest website trends and let me tell you this one, responsive websites are so up to date. It performs on all platforms and devices, so no need to install silly plugins or extensions to be able to see the website, its quicker than the older generation of websites.

Then we move on to talking about how to get your newly designed website to perform better in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. You can view more discussion on this here and here.

Thanks for reading.

SEO History

Our SEO history began as a sidenote to my love for CSS and standards compliant web design as recommended by the W3C… along with some dabbling with ADA compliance and the W3C’s WCAG. My resume was the first page I did totally using CSS, that was in 2002 (thank God the same year as Phoenix, now Firefox). By March 2003 my resume was ranking #1 in many search engines for about 5 search terms [resume asp, resume css, resume cold fusion, resume xhtml, resume seo]. Traffic (and phone calls) went through the roof and that gave me the SEO bug. My goal with this resume is to rank #1 for the search term SEO Resume. Because of my development background in ASP/ColdFusion/PHP, I am an SEO that knows code, or a coder that knows SEO. Either way is a win!

I did rank #1 for SEO Resume for quite some time, and quickly [unfortunately] learned that by being #1… well the web is full of scavengers eager to copy you in every conceivable way, stealing your research and effort. My resume was copied many times by many people [calling themselves SEOs] and eventually lost the #1 ranking. I reported all this to Google based on DMCA violations but Google took no action. Although I am no longer #1 at Google for resume seo, I have remained on the first page of results for the past 9 years.

SEO Resume

SEO only requires that you follow some basic rules of search engine optimization as recommended by Google. To be a good SEO requires the basics plus the willingness to work at it. To be a great SEO consultant requires ingenuity, patience, cleverness, and perseverance. My SEO resume will point out some of the success I have had with SEO, both SEO for personal sites as well as enterprise level SEO. I consider myself very good with SEO and occasionally follow SEO sites like Marketing Land (formerly Sphinn), SEO Book, and SEO Moz, although I openly admit I won’t swear by anything you find on the web, yes… even what Google tells you. I admire SEOmoz for their testing.
If you want the truth about what works, you have to test it yourself.

I won’t go into detail here about my approach, SEO theory, or my proven SEO tactics. I am very protective of my intellectual property as I have worked very hard to become a great SEO. I am not new to SEO, but prefer to remain “behind the scenes” as far as public discussions on SEO are concerned. Due to web scavenger’s copying my every move… I prefer to save my SEO tactics for private conversations. I will be happy to discuss my SEO techniques in person.