SEO History

Our SEO history began as a sidenote to my love for CSS and standards compliant web design as recommended by the W3C… along with some dabbling with ADA compliance and the W3C’s WCAG. My resume was the first page I did totally using CSS, that was in 2002 (thank God the same year as Phoenix, now Firefox). By March 2003 my resume was ranking #1 in many search engines for about 5 search terms [resume asp, resume css, resume cold fusion, resume xhtml, resume seo]. Traffic (and phone calls) went through the roof and that gave me the SEO bug. My goal with this resume is to rank #1 for the search term SEO Resume. Because of my development background in ASP/ColdFusion/PHP, I am an SEO that knows code, or a coder that knows SEO. Either way is a win!

I did rank #1 for SEO Resume for quite some time, and quickly [unfortunately] learned that by being #1… well the web is full of scavengers eager to copy you in every conceivable way, stealing your research and effort. My resume was copied many times by many people [calling themselves SEOs] and eventually lost the #1 ranking. I reported all this to Google based on DMCA violations but Google took no action. Although I am no longer #1 at Google for resume seo, I have remained on the first page of results for the past 9 years.

SEO Resume

SEO only requires that you follow some basic rules of search engine optimization as recommended by Google. To be a good SEO requires the basics plus the willingness to work at it. To be a great SEO consultant requires ingenuity, patience, cleverness, and perseverance. My SEO resume will point out some of the success I have had with SEO, both SEO for personal sites as well as enterprise level SEO. I consider myself very good with SEO and occasionally follow SEO sites like Marketing Land (formerly Sphinn), SEO Book, and SEO Moz, although I openly admit I won’t swear by anything you find on the web, yes… even what Google tells you. I admire SEOmoz for their testing.
If you want the truth about what works, you have to test it yourself.

I won’t go into detail here about my approach, SEO theory, or my proven SEO tactics. I am very protective of my intellectual property as I have worked very hard to become a great SEO. I am not new to SEO, but prefer to remain “behind the scenes” as far as public discussions on SEO are concerned. Due to web scavenger’s copying my every move… I prefer to save my SEO tactics for private conversations. I will be happy to discuss my SEO techniques in person.