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SEO only requires that you follow some basic rules of search engine optimization as recommended by Google. To be a good SEO requires the basics plus the willingness to work at it. To be a great SEO consultant requires ingenuity, patience, cleverness, and perseverance. My SEO resume will point out some of the success I have had with SEO, both SEO for personal sites as well as enterprise level SEO. I consider myself very good with SEO and occasionally follow SEO sites like Marketing Land (formerly Sphinn), SEO Book, and SEO Moz, although I openly admit I won’t swear by anything you find on the web, yes… even what Google tells you. I admire SEOmoz for their testing.
If you want the truth about what works, you have to test it yourself.

I won’t go into detail here about my approach, SEO theory, or my proven SEO tactics. I am very protective of my intellectual property as I have worked very hard to become a great SEO. I am not new to SEO, but prefer to remain “behind the scenes” as far as public discussions on SEO are concerned. Due to web scavenger’s copying my every move… I prefer to save my SEO tactics for private conversations. I will be happy to discuss my SEO techniques in person.

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