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SEO, Search Engine Optimization, or Search Engine Marketing has become it's own industry. Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your web page search engine friendly, with the end goal being high search engine rankings for a particular search term. My approach to Search Engine Optimization consistently returns high rankings in the 3 major search engines (MSN, Yahoo!, and Google). I have been doing Search Engine Optimization since 2000 and consider myself an SEO Specialist. My SEO techniques are ethical and intended for the long run, through any search engine update. I have yet to see another SEO company take the approach that I am taking, which is Search Engine Optimization from a web design perspective.

The chart below shows recent search engine usage, and thus the best search engine to target to maximize your ROI. For Search Engine Optimization, the primary target is Google. The search engine market share chart below is based on figures at Market Share, a great search engine optimization resource that any SEO specialist, web developer, or search engine optimization firm should know about.
Search Engine Market Share Chart

Many SEO firms in Seattle promise a lot. Make sure you see proof of past success, and be sure to quantify the results you are seeing. A Search Engine Optimization firm may say, "Yes our client is ranked #3 at Yahoo!"... You could get a site ranked well for the phrase "Search Engine Optimization in Seattle performed by SEO experts in Seattle"... That would be easy, it is too specific or a search phrase that is highly unlikely to be duplicated on any other website in the world, so yes chances are you could rank well for that search term. But narrow that down to a competitive phrase and see how their results hold up. Good SEO examples are Submit Express, Add Me, and Bruce Clay. They are the top 3 at Google for the term "Search Engine Optimization".

Search Engine Optimization and the proof to back it up is what an SEO firm or SEO specialist should want to show you. Here are some examples of my SEO skills... As a web developer, I use many web disciplines in addition to my SEO skills. I am a programmer of server side web languages such as Microsoft's ASP. Try a search at Google or a search at Yahoo! for the phrase "Resume ASP" you will find my resume is ranked IN THE TOP 5 out of around 80 million returns... now THAT'S competition.

Another competitive SEO term... SEO Resume.
Try a search at Bing, a search at Yahoo!, or a search at Google for the phrase "SEO Resume". You will find I am on the 1st page, IN THE TOP 5, of the 3 major search engines. That is competing directly against other SEO companies, SEO specialists, and SEO experts. This is not just for SEO in Seattle, but SEO consultants worldwide!

I see (or hear from their ex-clients) how other self proclaimed Search Engine Optimization consultants or SEO specialists achieve their results, and their rates for their SEO "services", and I have to shake my head. Some SEO companies use what is known as "black hat" Search Engine Optimization tactics, highly unethical tactics. These type of Search Engine Optimization techniques may get you quick results but can get you banned from the search engines, so be thorough when choosing an SEO firm or SEO consultant. Learn what SEO tactics they will be using. Other web design and Search Engine Optimization firms have actually copied and pasted my content into their site in an attempt to increase their search engine rankings... to compete with me. This is what I mean by unethical SEO tactics. I find it truly incredible. Remember, my SEO techniques are ethical and intended for the long run, through any search engine update.

If you want to increase your web site traffic then contact me. I am not talking about pay per click advertising... I am talking about natural search engine rankings through ethical site optimization, without paying the search engines! The consistency of high search engine placement that I have been able to achieve is what separates me from other Search Engine Optimization Specialists or Search Engine Placement companies. I am an experienced SEO consultant and can definitely drive traffic to your web site.

Thank you for your time.
Jim Summer

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